Cowboys Daily 08-09-14

Mickey Spagnola: "Carr returns turning the corner. Roster moves. Details next on Cowboys Daily."

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---commercial ends---

Spagnola: "Welcome to Cowboys Daily for Saturday August 9th brought to you by Miller Lite. Hi, Mickey Spagnola here at Cowboys training camp in Oxnard California where the Cowboys return to work after a day off. Returning to the roster corner back Brandon Carr after missing the first two weeks of camp. Being with his mother who passed away earlier this week. And that sure makes the corner back position look a whole lot better especially with Morris Clairborne and Sterling Moore easing back into practice. Cowboys made a couple of roster moves releasing back up punter Cody Mandel and waiving running back Ben Malena. An injured Malena tore his quad and his tendon in Thursday's game against the San Diego Chargers. Join us again Sunday August 10th for the next Cowboys Daily."

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