Colts Players Serve as Pizza Delivery 07-15-14

The San Angelo Colts had the night off on Monday, and so infielder Eric Herman took the opportunity to meet some people of the community by helping out with some pizza delivery's for Double Dave's.

Randy Ward: When it comes to playing baseball, Eric Herman is not lacking for experience. But when it comes to delivering pizza, that's a different story.

Eric: "I'm a rookie, yeah. I've never delivered a pizza before, this will be a first for me definitely."

Randy: "So not to be on this journey alone, Eric brought along some company."

Eric:  "Partner in crime here, this is Caden, my host brother. Got him out of the chores. Got him out of some chores to do, he was super excited."

Caden: "Deliver some pizza today."

Randy: "Finally an order had been received, the pizza prepared to Double Dave's perfection, and it was time for their first delivery."

Eric: "Alight, I'll follow you."

Randy: "They were out the door and on the road."

Eric: "So where we headed to?"

Randy: "When they arrived at their destination, Eric said that it would be an interesting job, always on the move and seeing different parts of town."

Eric: "You really don't know where you're headed to or what you're about to do. I've never delivered a pizza before, I thought it was good. Had help here, so it was all good."

Randy: "Now for the true test of the night, could a Colts Baseball pull off a solid pizza delivery?"

Eric: "How you doing sir? Did you you order some pizzas?"

Customer: "I did."

Eric: "I play for the San Angelo Colts, with the delivery you get some tickets for the Colts game on Friday. I don't know if you have plans for Friday night yet or not."

Customer: "I don't, I appreciate it. How much do I owe you guys?"

Randy: "It went great, tickets were given to the customer for Friday's game, and hopefully a new Colts Baseball fan was created in the process."

Eric: "See you Friday. Thanks for ordering."

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