J.E. Todd came out of retirement and took over the TLCA Boys Basketball program just before the season started last fall, and he agreed to do so under one condition, that it was a one season deal. TLCA has now hired to Cliff Thompson from Midland Greenwood. Monday he visited with us about the new position.

Cliff Thompson: "I think more than anything it's getting them to buy into the system that you're doing and getting them to work hard everyday, in off-season and in-season to improve. A lot of kids in high school think if they just work a couple of months out of the year it'll be enough. Really we need a year long commitment to improving in the game of basketball for us to get to that next level."

Randy Ward: "Here at TLCA they've been to the playoffs back to back seasons, district champions, so on a quick glance it looks like it's going to be an easy ride but a closer look you see a new district for the Eagles coming up, a higher classification. You've been at a higher classification at Big Spring, what will you teach the athletes here in order to help them be successful?"

Thompson: "I think what they've already been taught will carry over. The higher classification means, Wall and Jim Ned. Those guys are obviously very good basketball programs and it's not going to be easy by any means, especially with us graduating all but one varsity player. It's not an easy road by any means, anybody that thinks that is foolish in my opinion. As far as what to teach them, they already know it's doable. Winning is winning, they're just going to have to step up their intensity a little bit to match those larger classification schools. When you play against Wall twice a year and Jim Ned, that district is going to be brutal. I'm hoping we can get in there and surprise some people."

Ward: "What have you seen when you take a look at TLCA, Coach Burleson is the athletic director and the other folks you have around, what do you see that excites you about this new opportunity?"

Thompson: "Really I think the growth that's there. In the last five years how much they've grown and their vision of what they want to be and I'm on board with everything. I'm so excited about everything they have, with the new gym facilities and meeting the kids right before meeting with you, they just seem excited to keep it going and I want to be a part of it and help them to where they're going."

Ward: "That's Coach Cliff Thompson, the new head boys basketball coach of the TLCA Eagles."

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