Brian Henschel Returns to Colts 06-05-14

Thursday the Colts are playing a double header. The pitcher set to get the call for game two is none other than Brian Henschel. Yes, you loyal colts fan it is the same Brian Henschel who has 49 career wins here. Jeff Corean has more.

Jeff: "I'm here with San Angelo Colts manager Doc Edwards and last night the Colts went into extra innings, thirteen innings and as you can imagine that would stretch a pitching rotation a little thin. Doc, back against the wall and you decided to bring back a Colts legend."

Doc Edwards: "I did. He just happened to be in town he went to a wedding of a past player. He came here to visit his host family from years past. We let one of our pitchers go up to Canada to pitch and we were going to be short after last night and he volunteered to stay here and pitch for us today to give us time to find another arm before he goes on home."

Jeff: "Now the pitcher we are talking about is Brian Henschel who has 49 wins for the Colts organization. He is the all-time win leader as a pitcher for the Colts. With 49 wins underneath his belt, what makes Henschel so successful?"

Edwards: "Strikes. One year he had 105 innings and had about 80 strikeouts  and only walked five guys."

Jeff: "Colts in a double header tonight against Rio Grande Valley. First pitch at 6:15 here at Foster Field. Come on out, it's going to be a good one. Right Doc?"

Edwards: "Yes sir it is. He's a sinker slider type guy. He throws strikes and he's out of his mind right now wanting to pitch for the fans here in San Angelo."

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