Belle Volleyball Camp 06-10-14

On the Angelo State campus this week is the Belle Volleyball Camp. Approximately 70 players entering 4th through 12th grade showed up for the first day. We visited with ASU Volleyball Coach Chuck Waddington who is the camp director.

Chuck Waddington: "The biggest thing we're focusing on at this particular camp is a fundamental base. Doing the little things right is the first thing we said to them when we started camp. You've heard a lot of these things before but our job right now this week is to help you fine tune those little things that you're trying to do to make you a better player."

Randy Ward: "Coach Waddington realizes these athletes already have a base knowledge of what to do, so a large part of the job is helping the kids perform those skills better."

Chuck: "I think every player, no matter how good they are, has some habits they'd want to try to break or little things they could do a little better. That's why I think our camps are important. There's a lot of kids who feel they're good enough, they know it all, that kind of stuff, that's okay but there's always something, even me as a coach, always something to learn."

Randy: "Over the years camps like these here at Angelo State have proven to benefit these athletes not only on their junior high teams and varsity teams but also at the collegiate level. Coach Waddington says most of his athletes have been in a camp like this at one time or another."

Chuck: "One of the things that's cool is that most of my current players that are on my team here at Angelo State, they're campers. They've been to these camps and they've learned what we do and have learned our system a little bit, gives them a huge head start when they come to college."

Randy: "And once the players become college athletes, they're not finished with camps. The role changes from participant to instructor and it helps build relationships with the younger volleyball players."

Chuck: "That's the biggest thing for us. Our ability to reach out to the community, having an impact on these kids, giving them a good model of what a college volleyball player looks like and what they can do is huge."

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