Bandits Receive LSFL Trophy 07-09-14

More than a week ago Rio Grande Valley was disqualified from the playoffs due to missing league administrative deadlines. They fought back last Thursday with legal action trying to get back in the Championship Game, and so the Bandits didn't get the real trophy until Wednesday when all of that was resolved.

Darlene Jones: "I feel like we did everything right, the bylaws were very clear and we were able to prove that those deadlines and obligations were not met. Everything is pretty cut and dry."

Randy Ward: "Even though Commissioner Jones is confident when she speaks today, she did hold off in calling this past Saturday's game the Texas Shootout and simply refereed to it as the LSFL Playoff Final until the all the legal matters were checked and verified. Now that the attorney's have gave the all clear, she was proud to present the Bandits with the Texas Shootout Championship Trophy."

Darlene: "Everything worked out right, When you do things right, you follow the law by the book things are going to work out the way they're supposed to."

Randy Ward: "After the trophy presentation this evening, Bandits team owner Randy Sanders had a surprise for the players, they got to be sized up for championship rings and it was an emotional time for Sanders."

Randy Sanders: "When you put that ring on the first time you realize you are a champion. It's great all the way around."

Le'juan Edwards: "Signifies what we've been through all year getting to this point. We deserve it, we put the sacrifice in."

Randy Ward: "Edwards found it fitting that the presentation occurred tonight at their season ending get together, as is symbolized things coming full circle."

Le'juan: "We're all here right now. This is where we had our first meeting at when we all first came into town and this the place we're at the last day day that we're all together in the same room. It's a great feeling."

Randy Ward: "When Randy Sanders bought the Stampede Express and temporarily shut the team down before reviving it as the Bandits, some wondered if it was a good investment, but for Sanders he's always been confident in San Angelo and treats people right."

Randy Sanders: "I knew this was a good town, I knew it was a good old fashioned western city where if you do right you pay your bills and be honest you'll fit right in. Now we've got a drive going and we've got to continue that drive."

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