Bandits Not Overlooking Stars 07-04-14

Tomorrow night the San Angelo Bandits Host The New Mexico Stars for the final game of the 2014 LSFL season.

Jeff: "With tomorrow night being the final game for the Bandits, there is a lot at stake. The best way to approach a big game is to just think of it as another game."

Johnny Thomas: "We are just preparing like it is a regular game. We are trying to get a little revenge, but we are going to go out here and handle business."

Jeff: "The game of indoor football is an offense heavy style of play, but when your defense scores points, your team succeeds."

Austin Benson: "I think in any league or level if your defense is scoring points you are going to turn out to have a pretty successful season. I laugh around the locker room because the offensive players are always like we love when the defense scores. It gives them a little more rest and takes pressure off of them if it is a close game."

Jeff: "The New Mexico Stars beat the bandits by six a month ago in Albuquerque and wide out Johnny Thomas knows the Stars can not be over looked."

Thomas: "We're not looking past them at all. They have good players just like we have good players. We just feel like we are one of the better teams. We are going to go out and execute the best way we know how. If we execute everything and we still end up losing, it just wasn't our night."

Jeff: "The driving force to the Bandits success may sit inside Foster Communications Coliseum, as those who cheer on the Bandits have been there every step of the way."

Benson: "The least we can do is all go out with a bang and give the community something the want. They've been here since day one. They've been great support. It makes games a lot easier when your crowd is behind you, especially when it's a tight game. Which we've been in pretty close games here and hands down, the crowd has pulled us through."

The Bandits host the New Mexico Stars tomorrow night at Foster Communication Coliseum. Kick off is scheduled for 6:05.

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