Baily Balderas of Paint Rock is Headed to State Track Meet 05-06-14

We've had the pleasure of meeting some of the areas top athletes in recent weeks as many of them have advanced to the State Track and Field Championships coming up this weekend in Austin. Here's a conversation with a state qualifier from Paint Rock.

Randy Ward: "Baily Balderas, a Junior here at Paint Rock headed to the state track meet in the 100 Hurdles. First off congratulations on advancing to state, but the second thing we probably should point out is you're going to state in an event you can't even practice on your own campus. There's not a track, there are no hurdles here, so tell me about the challenges you face in just preparation in getting ready to compete in a regular meet much less going to a state meet."

Baily Balderas, Paint Rock JR: "We go to eden a couple of times a week so it's kind of hard making time for that. It's challenging going because I know it's hard on my coach because he has to sacrifice his time to go. We go for about an hour to an hour and half. It's kind of nervous knowing I don't get as many practice as most people but we make the most of every workout."

Ward: "Tell me about the medals that you've won this year and what they mean to you to find success on the track."

Baily: "Last year was my first year actually competing in Hurdles so this year I started getting a whole lot more first places, it's felt really good. Knowing that I placed third at Regionals is really special because I tied last year for third but I didn't get to go to state. It's really special knowing that I have a shot this year."

Ward: "So you finished third at Regionals, which top two go to state, so your time was good enough to earn the Wild Card but you're not the ninth seed, you're still up there in the middle of the pack. Do you feel you have a legitimate shot to get on the medal stand when you get to Austin?"

Baily: "Yes, as far as I'm concerned I'm just hundredths of seconds away. So I just have to run really good, to place I'd have to run my fastest time ever, hopefully I can do that."

Ward: "No place better than the state meet to get your fastest time. That's Baily Balderas, a Junior here at Paint Rock headed to the state track and field meet in the 100 Hurdles."

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