Auburn's Scott Fountain at Football Clinic 06-19-14

The final sessions of the 41st Annual Angelo Football Clinic were held Thursday morning and Jeff Corean was there to visit with one of the days presenters.

Jeff: "I'm here with Auburn's Special Teams coordinator coach Scott Fountain. Coach Fountain, first of all welcome to Texas and just talk to us about your experience here at the football clinic at Angelo State."

Scott Fountain: "
I'm glad to be here I appreciate that. It's the first time for me to be out in San ANgelo, which is nice. I flew in late last night. My flight was delayed a couple of times which is part of the journey out here, but it's been a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to hear some great coaches speak here and I'm looking forward to talking tonight as well."

Jeff: "You get together with other coaches, some of those rival coaches, what's it like to be not on the opposite sideline, but actually working together?"

Fountain: "I think it's really good. It gives you an opportunity to build relationships with other people."

Jeff: "You go to clinics all over the country, and it's always about learning things. You are always learning. Talk about the learning process of a coach and just getting better."

Fountain: "I think anywhere you can go, you can learn. I today  when I came out I had the opportunity to meet with the coaches here at Angelo State and I just talked a little ball with them. Like coach Malzahn always says, it's always good to visit. Rather it's high school, college or NFL, everybody has thoughts, ideas and processes. It's good to hear them, talk through them and try to gain knowledge that way. I think that's part of hitting these clinics. It gives you the opportunity to do that."

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