1st Day of Pads a Special One in Football 08/08/14

- San Angelo, TX--Once the final whistle blows on a high school football season the players have to wait for several months for the chance to get back out on the field, but it's not just enough to merely put on the cleats, it's another piece of equipment that truly indicates when the real action begins.

        Wall Senior Safety Brock Pettiet says, "It's an experience we've all been waiting for, for sure."

        "We've been waiting for this all year, just to get out there and hit somebody," Veribest Senior Linebacker Joseph Carmona added.

        The coaches walk that fine line between creating an intense practice without increasing the risk of injury.

`       Wall Head Coach Houston Guy says, "Kids get fired up and it's exciting we try to control it we don't let it get too out of control but we do like to see the contact."

        Veribest Defensive Coordinator Miles Romine added, "You look forward to it all summer, I mean it's like Christmas for a coach, the first day of pads is."

        It also gives players a chance to see how much they've grown as a team over the offseason mentally.
        "I'm proud of all of them even the freshman, came up and stepped up really good, they're not scared, last year everybody was scared, this year, everybody wants to hit and i like that," Veribest Senior Alex Valenzuela said.


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