West Texas Tattoo Convention

-         The sound of buzzing needles filled the McNease Convention Center this weekend for the Fifth Annual West Texas Tattoo Convention - an ideal place to get some ink... because why...?
        "It's in San Angelo... who wouldn't want to come to San Angelo?" said Oliver Peck.
        Now who could argue with that? The event brings tattoo artists from across the world together under one roof to showcase their artistic abilities and leave their marks on the brave people of the Concho Valley - making for quite an experience...
 Oliver Peck, a tattoo artist says, "People that live San Angelo can get a tattoo from a guy  in New York or a guy in Italy, you know, and it's cool."
   You may recognize the face of Oliver Peck - a tattoo artist and a judge of Ink Master... a popular reality competition on Spike TV.... he - along with a number of other tattoo artists were invited by the Trufant Brothers - who own a shop right here in San Angelo... the event continues to grow despite the reputation ink has gathered in years past.
        Jessie Ramon, an artist at Trufant Brothers Tattoo says, "It's definitely a lot more common in the workplace now, it's not really a taboo anymore."
        With the taboo outlook on it's way to extinction - Peck says the art is missing something....
 "A little bit of the mystery may be gone a little bit. but it's more accepted now, so we're a little less punk rock, but it's still cool."
        One of Peck's clients can vouch for this trend...as she deals with it every day in her workplace...
        "I wear my tattoos proudly and I don't catch any grief for it so it's come a long way since the '80's and '90s even."
        Nevertheless - tattoos remain to be a passionate topic with millions of variations and designs that are waiting to be canvassed on those who can handle sound of the needle....

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