West Texas Rehab: Body Mechanics

- Every Wednesday in May, KLST will feature people who have overcome the odds to lead successful lives despite amputations and disabilities. The Concho Valley is home to West Texas Rehab that treats many patients by designing and custom building prosthetic and orthotic limbs....

Inside West Texas Rehab is a facility best described as body mechanics. Different hand tools, saw, and machines adorn the lab where prosthetic and orthotic limbs are custom made for patients from all walks of life. West Texas Rehab has some of the best equipment in the country for prosthetic and orthotic treatment.

"Traditionally we hand casted everything with plaster bandage, but it was very messy and very time consuming. With our technology and the scanner it's easier on the patients. It's easier on us we have more possibilities if we need to go back and modify it we can go back in the software and just poke a couple buttons and then it's modified," Certified Prostatitis and Orthotist Eric McLarty said.

Materials like thermoplastics and carbon fiber to metal and leather are used to create unique and original designs for patients. Recently McLarthy says with the diabetic epidemic the lab is seeing an increase in patients with leg and foot amputations. Regardless of each situation the prosthetic lab treats each patient with exceptional care.

"You know this is truly a job where I leave everyday grateful for the opportunity to help people and affect their lives the way we're able to affect them. It's very gratifying to watch someone come in with a wheel chair and walk out an hour later," McLarthy said.

Tune in next week as Ginelda Martinez introduces, Willie Shields a West Texas Rehab patient who with a prosthetic for only one year has embarked a spiritual journey that he says is not the end, but a new life.

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