Weekend Accident Shines Light on Lake Safety

A young girl is recovering after being run over by a vehicle in a lake area park over the weekend. Accidents like these shine light on the importance of lake area safety.

A day at the lake involves a number of fun-filled outdoor activities...and distractions.

Lake Patrol, Eric Underwood, says officers frequently remind parent to keep an eye on their children.

"They get to talking with other parents or they're having a cookout and they have the tendency not to keep an eye on the kids or watch what's going on, and that seems to be the problem that we have," Underwood said.

This weekend, at the Spring Creek Marina at Lake Nasworthy, a five-year-old girl ran into the road and was run over by a truck trailer.

"It's hard for people who are operating those vehicles to see if a child runs out in the street between the vehicle and the trailer. There's no way for the operator of the vehicle to see that," Underwood said.

The speed limit at Lake Nasworthy is 20 miles per hour, but at a moments notice it takes on average 40 feet to come to a complete stop.

In minutes, Lake Patrol responded to the injured child and transported her to the hospital with minor injuries.

Currently, six officers are assigned to the Lake Division; Underwood says, normally four are on patrol. 

"We want everybody to come out here and have good time, but we want everybody to be safe," Underwood said.

The five-year-old girl at Spring Creek Marina over the weekend, did not suffer serious injuries and no citations were issued to the driver of the vehicle that struck her.

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