Web pages could "save hours"

- City residents can now go online and learn more about the demographics of each neighborhood and where construction is on the city's website. It is all apart of San Angelo's new website highlighting each of San Angelo's 24 neighborhoods.

San Angelo's new 24 community web pages highlight CIP construction areas, the demographics of each neighborhood, and different school zones.

Resident Jim Shackelford has lived in San Angelo for a year-and-a-half. He said this development could help him save time picking up his grand kids from school.

"Well, I pick up my grand kids a lot," stated Shackelford. "So, knowing if there's going to be some construction so I can get there on time and not be held up... that would be helpful."

The Development Services Director, Patrick Howard, said, in some cases, residents could save hours by checking the web site before making a trip downtown.

"Essentially, you don't have to call down here and figure out what's happening or make an unnecessary trip," Howard said.

Currently, residents can not pay code compliance fines or learn more about community awareness opportunities on these web pages; but, he said that could change in the future.

"I will be exploring options like that. I think our goal is to try to figure out means of doing that," continued Howard.

Since San Angelo owns its URL, the 24 web pages did not cost the city additional  money.

"Only staff time," stated Howard smiling.

City employees spent six weeks working on the project.

Howard said, with both its residential and commercial areas, the Downtown web page was the hardest web page to put together.

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