Water hotline a 'busy' resource

As San Angelo remains in water conservation plan drought level two restrictions, city code enforcement officers said the relatively new water violation hotline is a  tool  to report violations.

24 hours a day, seven days a week the water violation hotline is open and available for residents to call.

"It's another tool we incorporated with our water conservation efforts to help with the after hour incidents," stated City Code Compliance Manager, James Flores.

Like most tip lines, when calling about a potential violation, leaving your name and phone number is not necessary. All code enforcement officers really need is the address of the violation, what happened, and when it occurred.

"That line does stay very busy. Typically speaking, (they answer) that's about the third or fourth ring or whatever it's set on...the officer would answer that phone call," Flores said.

The city's Code Compliance Manager said his department takes water violation calls seriously.

"(Because) with water you have to be there very quick(ly) or the water will dry up or it could cease. I mean, if it took us the next day to get there or hours later their sprinkler systems might have already turned off and it would be no violation," said Flores. "For instance, if it was a prohibited hour-time-thing."

The water hotline is relatively new. It has been in effect for just about two years. Flores said it has already played a role in helping officers catch violators.

"It's been a big part of our patrol efforts, our ability to reach out to citizenry," finished Flores.

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