Wal-Mart shooting: suspect injured

- Just after three this afternoon, it was chaotic in the North Bryant parking lot.

"Has a fight broken out," one woman asked.

After dozens of Wal-Mart shoppers became witnesses to a shooting, according to San Angelo Police Chief Tim Vasquez.

"We were dispatched out here for an unknown cause. While officers were in route, we were notified a subject was attempting to break into a gun case," stated Vasquez.

Before officers arrived, Wal-Mart employees said a man was threatening them with explosives if he could not get into the case. An employee confronted him and he ran outside. When officers got there, he was trying to leave in his vehicle.

"Everything was very fluid and was happening very quickly. When we arrived, everyone was pointing at the subject. And, confrontation ensued between him and the officers," continued Vasquez.

While Vasquez said the man's name is not being released, he was able to tell us the suspect is 42-years-old and is in Shannon Hospital.

"Like I stated before, the officers approached the suspect and confrontation ensued and the officers fired and the suspect was struck," finished Vasquez.

Vasquez said the Police Department is not yet saying whether officers are looking for an additional suspect.

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