Voter turnout lowest in years

- "We felt like we were going to have a lot more people come out and vote for the primary," stated San Angelo Election Administrator Vona McKerley.

Voter turnout in the county primary is down by 7% compared to the 2010 gubernatorial election. McKerley said voter participation is steadily decreasing through the years.

"I expected to have double what we had-at least double what we had-and we didn't… because you do have several state-wide races that know...there are a lot of candidates in those races," said McKerley.

Early voting in the county primary shows 234 less voters participated in the early voting compared to 2010. McKerley said San Angelo is one of the few counties where voters are not coming to the polls.

"Part of what I also contribute Tom Green County to… is our military didn't participate as they normally do," McKerley stated.

McKerley said several things could have influenced the low voter turnout including redistricting, voter frustration, and voter confusion as to where they are supposed to go vote.

"I think people are tired of politics for one. They've been hearing a lot about politics and I think they're frustrated. ...Some voters, bless their hearts, actually got moved two or three times before it's all said and done. So, if they happen to have an old card, it may not show exactly where they register. It's why we always encourage anybody who is not sure to check our web page or call us and we'd be happy to help them," explained McKerley.

While McKerley said it is possible more voters are deciding to vote Tuesday, she emphasizes without getting younger voters involved...voter turnout will continue to decline.

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