Veteran reflects on WWII

- 70-years-ago Friday, the first Airborne allied troops began landing on the beach of Normandy shortly after midnight. The Dooms Day victory paved the way for the thousands of additional troops fighting world wide to secure a victory. We spoke with one Brady, Texas native who was stationed in the Philippines on this day 70-years-ago.

"We survived and we lost a lot of men up there," stated veteran Lloyd Pence.

Pence served as a Corporal in the 12th Calvary Division in the Army. He said he remembers vividly fighting the Japanese in the Philippines.

"We was up there 72 days no hot meal, no change of clothes, and it rained every day, every night and we had to stretch our ponchos over to keep the water out," described Pence.

Pence said the war was tough and a lot of friends did not make it.

"We lost a lot of boys. A lot of good friends and boys we served with," Pence said.

One difference between war in the 1940's and now is soldiers get to come home on leave. During WWII, Pence said he and his men were stuck in the Philippians hills.

"They get to come home on vacation, something. Now, when we went, we was over there for the duration. There was no coming home, no leave, no nothing," Pence continued. "We'd stay right there till the war was over."

For many years, Pence hid the awards he was awarded for his service. He said he was just glad to be alive. Now, he proudly displays his Purple Heart and Oak Leaf Clusters.

"Well, a big bomb went off real close to me and throwed me out there about 20-30 feet and knocked my hand off and blood come out my nose and my mouth and busted my eardrum ... this one ... and I got a few pieces of shrapnel off of it," finished Pence.

His prayer for all soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan is for them to come home soon. He said nothing beats coming home.

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