Troops Return Home

An emotional reunion at Mathis Field Monday, as several families welcomed troops home from deployment in Afghanistan.

Brave young men and women in the military sacrifice their lives and time away from their families.

Monday, 192 days after the 17th Security Forces Squadron deployed to Afghanistan, eleven are now reunited with their loved ones.

"Why are you crying so much? I'm home, I'm not leaving, I'm home," said one Airman.

Eleven brave young men and women of Goodfellow Air Force Base returned from their mission in Afghanistan, Monday afternoon.

"It's a wonderful day to have them back home safe with us," said Captain Nelson, 17th Security Forces Squadron Commander.

Over six months ago, Jessica Barnett's husband was deployed for the second time; she moved into their new home, alone.

"The hardest part of military life, the deployments. Just being away from your spouse, it gets trying after awhile," Barnett said.

For Melisa Lane and two-year-old daughter Ayla, 192 days could not have gone by quicker.

"It never gets easier. The first one is not any different than the second one. Hopefully, we don't have to go through a third one, but it never gets easy," Lane said.

Although thousands of miles away, modern technology connects our military families and captures those special moments.

"Everyday we would try to FaceTime or Skype and talk as much as we possibly could to keep them interacted every single day, so she didn't lost touch of who Daddy was," Lane said.

It's about those connections treasure.

"I miss you so much," said a family member.

Those new attachments we live for.

"I'm ecstatic. I want to cry, but I'm going to do that later," said one Airman.

Those moments are priceless.

"You can't really describe that feeling. It's really indescribable. It's been a long six-months, but it's a great feeling," said Lanes husband.

All of us here at KSAN want to thank all of those men and women in the military for their service, and of course welcome those troops back home!

Thank you for allowing us to share those special moments with you Monday afternoon.

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