Touching Up Paintbrush Alley

The San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts Summer Camp is in full swing, and for the month of June some local youth are revitalizing an alley behind Texas Theater.

The Historic Downtown of San Angelo needed some brushing up, and Educator of the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, Bekah Coleman, knows just the hands to liven up the area.

"We approached Downtown San Angelo and asked them what they thought about us doing some pieces in Art Alley this year, and they were totally up for it," Coleman said.

Over 50 children are participating in this year's summer camp, their first task at hand? The Art of Conservation.

Dozens of artistic youth let their imagination guide their brushes as they revitalize a Downtown San Angelo alleyway.

Coleman says, the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts summer camp combines science and art.

"We've been talking about local ecology issues . We've been talking about water conservation, plant conservation installing that into our installation down here in art alley this week." Coleman said.

Studio Educator, Jessica Garrido, says this creative group, ranging from ages 7 to 12, can educate the community about water conservation.

"If you ask the kids they can tell you about secular plants, they can tell you why this being back here is going to be ok; because we are in San Angelo we do not get a lot of water, and they'll be able to know that," Garrido said.

The secular garden isn't the only project these kids are taking on this summer. Colorful Mosaics and Murals can be seen in the alley behind the Texas Theater.

"We thought it would be a good idea for the kids to really see it, and feel like they can get involved and do something they can participate in and participate in the community. Make something that everyone in the community can see," Garrido said.

The Art of Conservation project in the alley is set to be completed by the end of June.

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