KLST Wed. 07/16/14 Noon Weather


Even with the rain chances in the forecast yesterday, it was a dismal number maker. Mathis field only reporting 0.04" from yesterday keeping us more than half an inch behind for the month. The good news, more chances are in for today, tomorrow and even Friday. The cold front that pushes through yesterday will start to retreat back to the north as a warm front helping to clear out our skies and slightly warm our temperatures. Expecting to see only the mid 90's with mostly sunny skies and a 20% chance for scattered showers thanks to a weak pulse of energy making it's way through New Mexico. Overnight lows staying in the 70's with mostly cloudy skies. That cloud cover will stick tomorrow as another cold front pushes through the area. The timing on the front could range from the afternoon to evening hours. Depending on when we see this feature will effect how warm we get, for now standing around the mid 90's with a 50% chance for scattered storms. Most of the moisture will stay to our north across portions of the big country but trying to get something out before high pressure moves back in. Friday could see lingering showers as conditions start to clear out for the weekend. Saturday will bring the return to mostly sunny skies and mid to upper 90's flirting again with triple digits Sunday and Monday

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