KLST Wed. 05/14/14 Noon Weather


Last night brought a few round of showers into the region. Mathis Field officially reporting 0.08" brining our monthly total to 0.33". That number still brings us below average not only for the month but still for the year as well, normally we should be over 6" and so far we've only seen 0.85" in 2014. Watch for those pesky winds to return out of the north 15 to 20 miles per hour. This will made winds chill a factor especially this morning as our low temp of 37 breaks the record low for today, originally 43 set back in 1971. Low pressure that brought the cooler trend will continue to push east allowing for a warmer trend in the Concho Valley. Highs will reach back into the mid 70's for today with sunny skies. Tonight will bring another chilly morning in the low 40's, this one probably won't break a record but will get close. By Thursday expect to see the return of the 80's with Sunny skies and breezy winds 10 to 15 mph. Right before the weekend conditions will jump from below average to above reaching the 90's. Near 93 degrees for Saturday and the mid to upper 90's Sunday through the start of the next work week.

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