KLST Tues. 05/20/14 Noon Weather


What we're seeing this afternoon is what we're expecting for the rest of the day. High pressure moving through allowing for temperatures warmer then where we should be this time of year. Mostly sunny skies should help us get the mid 90's later today along with the breezy winds out of the south 15 to 20 miles per hour. As we transition into the evening winds are not dying down making way for a mild overnight low into the upper 60's. Mostly clear skies leading to mostly sunny again for tomorrow. As that area of high pressure moves east low pressure is coming off California moving east. That will help to keep things cooler as winds slowly switch up to the southeast. Still expecting to see around 90 degrees with breezy winds. Thursday will see a little extra cloud cover as the moisture from the gulf increases throughout the Concho Valley. By Friday, not only are we looking for near 87 degrees we could also see a few thunderstorms. Chances stand at 20% increasing to 40% Saturday and lingering through the Memorial Day weekend. Right now whatever we see looks to be scattered with bands moving through through out the day, not a steady rainfall but the next best chance through the extended forecast.

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