KLST Tues. 01/28/14 Noon Weather


Chilly would be an understatement this morning as the cold temperatures feel even worse thanks to the north winds making wind chill a factor as well. Expect temps to feel more like the single digits so bundle up. Every layer you wear today, keep with you. We are expected to warm up as high pressure return to the surface, but only to the upper 30's for today. Conditions will once again be prime for a freezing night going into tomorrow down to the teens with some places actually seeing the single digits, brrrrr. If you stick through the cold there is a silver lining. Warmer conditions by Wednesday back to the low 50's, technically still below average but compared to today I'll take them. Winds will switch back to the southwest and pick back up 15 to 20 miles per hour. Thursday and Friday looks even better jumping above average into the 70's. Then the next cold front hits. This one looks to be weak for not too much of a difference just a wind shift back to the north and cooler conditions in the 60's. Another front will help keep temperatures near the seasonal mark, which is now at 60 degrees. Watch for extra cloud cover as well turning mostly cloudy by next Monday.

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