KLST Thurs. 06/26/14 6pm Weather


Throughout the day, warm and windy has been the top headline. Gusts around San Angelo has reached between 20 and 25 miles per hour. Sustained winds have been lightly breezy but don't expect that to last long. Those winds may die down this evening as temperatures drop to around 70 degrees. Tomorrow expect seasonal conditions once again with temperatures only reaching around 93 degrees and winds picking right back up around 15 to 20. More showers possible across the west along a dry line, but with warming temperatures not expecting to see anything in the Concho Valley. High pressure building back into the region will keep the warmer trend alive through the weekend. Saturday cracking into the mid 90's with even warmer conditions expected for Monday near 97. Muggy as well as dew points are expected to stay in the 60's through Friday and into the next work week.

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