KLST Thurs. 06/12/14 Noon Weather

- After a crazy night yesterday, the Concho Valley is expecting to see another warm and muggy afternoon.  So far the National Weather Service has not confirmed if a tornado touched down last night, but strong winds defiantly caused a lot of damages.  KLST was without power from around 9:45pm last night to about 5:15am this morning.  Tree limbs are scattered across the city as well as several other much larger debris.  Tune into the news tonight at six for a full report on the damage and clean up.  As far as today we're watching for a cold front to push through helping to cool us down before the weekend.  Winds are shifting back towards the north and staying breezy.  Along the front we could still see a scattered to isolated storm, 20% chance.  Once it moves through conditions start to dry out once again.  Tomorrow is expected to only see the lower 90's thanks to the front, but with high pressure building right back in the weekend will once again flirt with those triple digits.  Saturday expect to see near 98 degrees, Sunday as well.  Possibly dropping to the mid 90's by the middle of the next work week.

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