KLST Thurs. 02/13/14 Noon Weather


The warming trend picks up pace later today across the Concho Valley. By the afternoon we're watching for sunny skies and variable winds around 10 to 15 miles per hour with temperatures reaching above average in the mid 70's. All this thanks to high pressure building off the southwest bringing northwest flow from the jet stream right into the region. This will also bring a few cold fronts are way but not of the arctic kind and much weaker then we've seen in the past. Overnight lows staying warm as well only dropping to around 40 degrees going into Friday. That's were the first weak front is expected to movie through not changing temperatures by much, only the low 70's, but bringing more winds from the northeast 15 to 20 miles per hour. Just in time for rodeo. The good news, the trend sticks around for the majority of the extended forecast. Jumping to the 80's for the weekend, near 86 degrees for Sunday. We'll drop to the 70's for Monday and stick around that number till about the middle of the next work week.

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