KLST Mon. 07/14/14 Noon Weather


Looking for another warm afternoon acorss the region. Conditions will be quickly changing as the high pressure that's kept us consistent the past few days starts to break down and low pressure takes it's place. This will help to bring a cold front into the region just in time for the rest of the week. Starting today could see temperatures peak to the triple digit mark ahead of the front before dropping back to the low 90's by Tuesday. Showers will also be the key things to watch with chances in the forecast from Tuesday all the way through Friday. The best chances will be Wednesday night through Thursday night as second front is expected to move through. Temperatures will do a quick yo-yo effect dropping to the low 90's only to warm up to the upper 90's and drop back down again Thursday. Most of the heaviest rain is expected to stay mainly north and east of the region, but some of these storms may go severe.

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