KLST Mon. 06/02/14 Noon Weather


Those winds are going to the warming factor for this morning with conditions starting off above average. That will be trend all through the afternoon as well, with high temps reaching near 95 degrees. All of this is while high pressure is building in from mexico, bringing windy conditions out of the south-southeast today 15 to 20 miles per hour. Into tonight expect to see about the same with lows near 70 degrees with lighter winds and partly cloudy skies. Tuesday continues to see the mid to upper 90's near 96 degrees, flirting with those triple digits. By Wednesday, the Concho Valley will see those triple digits back to 100 degrees. High pressure continues to build with near 101 by Thursday. While high pressure builds in low pressure will slowly descend into the area bringing with it a cold front and a brief hint for showers. For now staying dry, but that front does lag farther and farther south each day helping to cool conditions into the tail end of the work week and the weekend. Still fairly warm and above average only dropping to the upper 90's Friday and Saturday, near 93 for Sunday.

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