KLST Mon. 03/17/14 Noon Weather


We'll once again with rain chances in the forecast for the weekend, it was a dismal outcome with only a few sprinkles. San Angelo still sits at only 0.08" for the year with the normal value is at more than 3". With the forecast for this week, those numbers are not expected to change very much. Today will see a rebound from the weekend front as temperatures warm back into the seasonal 70's. Along with the warmer conditions are stronger winds out of the southwest 10 to 15 miles per hour. Tonight the winds will continue to pick up, keeping lows in the upper 40's despite the lack of cloud cover. Winds stay strong through tomorrow as temperatures climb into the 80's. But right as we see the height of our temps a cold front comes swinging through, switch the winds back to the north-northeast 15 to 20 miles per hour. Not as cold of air behind the front as already seen this year, but enough to drop Wednesday into the upper 60's. Sadly no moisture with this system as well for will continue to stay dry. After this latest front conditions will rebound back to the 70's for Thursday and 80's for Friday. That's where we're looking for the next cool down, back to the 70's for the start of the weekend and the 60's with some hints for showers by Sunday.

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