KLST Fri. 07/18/14 Noon Weather & More


Cold front has pushed through the region brining along it some showers and storms and cooler conditions. Yesterday alone saw nearly 0.75" of rain brining Mathis field just above the normal value. As the trough of low pressure moves on some lingering showers may be seen along the Northwest Hill Country and Northern Edwards Plateau, basically along a line from Ozona to Junction this morning drying out later today. The rest of the Concho Valley looks to be dry for today as high temperatures only reach the mid 80's with mostly cloudy skies. Into the overnight hours another cooler morning with low dropping into the upper 60's but rebounding for the weekend. High pressure builds back in just in time for the day off brining highs back into the mid to upper 90's for Saturday and Sunday, even flirting with the triple digits Monday with some places cracking that number. For the rest of the next work week look for warm conditions with mostly sunny skies.

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