KLST Fri. 05/02/14 Noon Weather


The clear and calm conditions kept us in the low 40's for the majority of the morning, making a light jacket for work or school necessary. By this afternoon the clear skies will make way to mostly sunny conditions as high temperatures warm into the low 80's. Winds will also start to switch as high pressure makes it's way in becoming west-northwest later today blowing around 10 to 15 mph. Southwest winds tonight and only dropping to the upper 40's with mostly clear skies. Tomorrow for the start of the weekend will see a jump into the 90's as winds pick up as well 10 to 15. This warmer trend stays alive through the weekend and into the beginning of the work week. Near 95 for Sunday, 94 next Monday and even 96 for Tuesday. All while this is going on winds are brining moist air into the region increasing the dew points. That allows a dryline formation that could bring us scattered thunderstorms latter next week. For now just going with extra cloud cover and staying dry, until features gets closer into the forecast.

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