KLST Fri. 04/25/14 Noon Weather


Big difference this morning compared to yesterday. Dewpoints are back into the mid 30's making for a fairly nice morning. We'll watch for these conditions to continue allowing for temperatures to dip a few more degrees into the lower 50's maybe even the upper 40's. Winds will then start to pick up out of the southeast making it's way to the south later today 15 to 20 miles per hour. With sunny skies expect to see the 90's back in the region today. Tonight the winds stay fairly breezy bringing up more gulf moisture and helping to increase cloud cover. At the same time a dry will will start to form off to our west making for a possible active start to the weekend. Saturday will stay mostly sunny with a 30% chance for thunderstorms. Just like earlier this week that dry line will move east interacting with low pressure to our north, popping up a few thunderstorm cells. Going into the evening more showers are possible as a cold front moves through going into Sunday. Right now the Concho Valley remains in a slight chance for severe weather with the biggest threats being large hail, strong winds, and lightening, but an isolated tornado can not be ruled out. Once that front pushes through the drier air will allow for things to quite down. Mostly sunny skies Sunday with temperatures in the mid to upper 80's. Next monday brings us back into the 90's before another cold front, this one much stronger, swings through dropping conditions into the 70's for Tuesday through Thursday.

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