Timeline: tornadoes ravage SA

- For the first time in six years, two tornadoes passed through San Angelo last night and winds over 90 miles per hour cause significant damage for thousands in the Concho Valley.

The first tornado moved through Paintrock Road and Loop 306. The second traveled behind the Paul Ann Baptist Church.
It all began with around 8 o'clock when thunderstorms over the Permian Basin  moved into Western Concho Valley.

Roofs are on the ground, irrigation systems turned over, and gazebos collapsed in San Angelo after two EF0 tornados with different wind speeds moved through the northeast and southeast parts of San Angelo at 8:20 and 8:24 Wednesday evening.

National Weather Service meteorologist,  Mike Johnson, said they expected the tornadoes to go through West San Angelo.

"We've had some video that we've seen from the 306 and Paintrock Road area that it indicates the tornado moved across that intersection," stated Johnson.

The average speed of the tornadoes was 80 to 85 miles per hour with microbursts, strong gusts of wind, reaching 95 miles per hour.

Just before 8 p.m. on North Bell Street, Johnson said it is possible a macroburst blew 100 miles per hour and knocked the electric poles to the ground.

"I believe what happened, for the most part, was a macroburst... which is a large area of wind," Johnson said.

At 9 p.m., the office manager of Sea Arrow Marine near Fort Concho received a call saying the roof was off her building. She said she does not think they can afford to repair it.

"There's no way to fix it all. You're looking at a huge building.," said Kandis Rendall. "You're looking at half-a-million dollars to fix. There's just no way we'd be able to reroof it."

After the storm passed near the Central High School Freshman campus on Oakes,  resident Ivan Havens found his SUV with smashed windows. Havens heard the sirens go off and left the car outside to take shelter in his basement with his two children.

"It was wrapped up, there's some metal wrapped up around it and other debris," Havens said.

The roof of a local business is in a practice field at Central High School's Freshman campus. The National Weather Service said 90 mile per hour winds swept the roof off and into the practice field.

Havens said he could not believe this happened in San Angelo.

"Shocking, you know," Havens said.

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