Thomason runs for District 72

- Early voting for the election primaries begins February 18th. Big Spring's Shannon Thomason is running against incumbent Drew Darby in District 72's race.

Shannon Thomason says he has lived in Big Spring for 14 years. During that time, he has run twice for Mayor of Big Spring. He is now looking to influence politics on a bigger scale.

"I've got a long history of being an activist  in Big Spring and Howard county and started looking at the voting record of our current representative, did not like what I saw," stated Thomason.

Thomason hopes to change the direction, he says, District 72 is headed with his four focuses.

"Government encroachment, responsible government, taxes, and sensible spending," said Thomason.

Thomason maintains Texas needs to shield its citizens from the federal government.

"We've got the NSA domestic spying issues, we've got TSA groping people in our airports. So, the government of Texas needs to lead the nation in protecting its citizens from their own government," Thomason said.

His concerns also include the Texas Department of Transportation's spending.

"Also, I think that TXDOT needs to take a real close look at the way they're doing business. The decorative stone on the side of overpasses is real nice, but it's also real expensive," finished Thomason.

Shannon Thomason said he is very excited to hear from the voters at the ballots and he feels his experience as a pilot really helps him have a better understanding of what voters really need.

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