Thee runs for Treasurer

- The race between incumbent Dianna Spieker and Lyleann McClellan Thee is one of the few races where the Republican primary will determine who will be in office January 1, 2015. The lack of a Democratic candidate for County Treasurer makes this election all the more crucial for Spieker and Thee.

Thee is running for her first public position.

"My first foray into public office actually. So, it' exciting and it's been quite fun," stated Thee.

Thee said she decided to run after years of serving as Lions Club's treasurer. But, interestingly enough, she and her opponent-Dianna Spieker- are friends.

"It's a healthy competition and there's no ill will or ill feelings between both of us…we both wish each other the best," continued Thee.

A friend encouraged Thee to run and Thee said she feels it has been a great decision.

"This was an opportunity for us to step forward and to serve and I do believe-you know-that the taxpayers have the right to the most efficient government and I want to play a role in that," said Thee.

If she wins, Thee hopes to evaluate the treasurer's position and the impact it has on politics.

"Just, the smaller government…you know…the more efficient it is. I would like to do that and I do know that-through the years-this government has grown in this office. So, I would like a chance to look at that and analyze that," Thee stated.

The treasurer's scope of influence is what Thee is hoping to examine.

"Well, I'd like to look at government growth…I do believe in conservative principals, efficient government, fiscal responsibility, adherence to the Constitution," declared Thee.

While she does not have anything negative to say about Spieker's performance, she believes a person could lose perspective after years in the same position.

"I've been involved in the Downtown Lions Club, the Pachaderm club…for several years here in San Angelo…and the Tea Party. I've won several awards through those service rolls and those organizations. It's been a pleasure and I've met a lot of good people through those groups," said Thee.

Either way, the decision will go to voters in less than three weeks at the primary.

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