TGC co-sleeping deaths down to zero

- There is good news for Tom Green County residents: the amount of co-sleeping deaths has decreased to zero this year. While there have been six co-sleeping deaths, five in Ector County and one in Pecos County, Child Protective Services officials are pleased with Tom Green County's progress.

Over 170 co-sleeping deaths have occurred in Texas this year. In comparison, Tom Green County's number is incredible.

"In Tom Green County, here in Region 9, we have not had any co-sleeping deaths this year, which is wonderful. We which covers the Permian Basin area, had about 6 co-sleeping Ector county and one in Pecos county," said Region Nine's CPS Administrator, Angie Voss.

Zero is an improvement from last year.

"We're very, very happy to know, last year, sadly Tom Green County did have one child die. This year, there hasn't been any," Voss exclaimed.

Voss wants to remind parents kids are the most vulnerable when they're young.

"Children are so vulnerable, especially the youngest infant and their sleeping environment is very important to their safety," finished Voss.

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