Texas Safety University: App for Sexual Assault Victims

- Members of the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, The Rape Crises Center, along with Angelo State University spoke about the Texas Safety U Campus App that connects students, faculty and staff with sexual assault victim assistance.

"There's a lot of misconceptions out there in our society so we're working on two ends to kind of promote you know 'here are the realities of sexual assault' and if in fact you find yourself in this position or someone that you know here is an app that will allow you to know where to go to," TAASA Director of Communications Rose Luna said.

"If a student does become a victim of sexual assault they don't have to go out looking for someone to talk to about it they have all that information right at their finger tips. Frequently a person who is sexually assaulted their first instinct are not what they really need to do," Angelo State University Director of Counseling Services Cleave Pool said.

Although the app is aimed at college aged girls, anyone can download the app at no cost. Valuable resource information about sexual assault and contact information to local authorities and the Concho Valley Rape Crises Center can be found in the app. The Rape Crises Center worked along side TAASA in the development of the app to provide help to victims.

"We're seeing a significant portion of people that are coming in with a brand new case we provide services for people who have been victimized at any point in their lives but the vast majority of our cases are people that have been assaulted within the last three or four days of contacting us," Concho Valley Rape Crises Center Education Coordinator Crystal Ward said.

The Texas Safety University App for smartphones is available for Android and Apple devices at Google Play and iTunes stores. Simply search "TAASA" to download.

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