Summer Sizzler Production, "Forever Plaid"

It was the opening weekend for the San Angelo Civic Theater's Summer Sizzler production, the largest fundraiser of the year. This year's production is the musical-comedy, "Forever Plaid."

Lights, camera, action. "Forever Plaid" is this year's Summer Sizzler production at the San Angelo Civic Theater.

"It's clever. It's got a lot of great comedy, but it's also family friendly," Director, Ken Roberts said.

Director and Cast Member, Ken Roberts, says the musical-comedy is about a du-op group on their way to that "big break" to put them over the top with the Beatles, but they get run over and killed.

This is the show they never got to do.

"I hope that at the very least that they see that Angelo Civic Theater is doing some very great work, and it's not just the guys that are on the stage it's also those behind-the-scenes," Roberts said.

Artistic Director, Cathryn Sanders, says "Forever Plaid" serves as the largest fundraiser for the San Angelo Civic Theater.

"We're hoping that what we make from this show can help fuel the rest of our season, and you know our next show coming up in August is Fiddler on the Roof, that is no small feet," Sanders said.

Sanders says, the theater is completely volunteer-based, a group who truly enjoy entertaining San Angelo.

"It's a blessing to come back to a community that I know I'm going to raise my children to appreciate the arts, and have an idea of what a fantastic culture it is here. We're blesses here at the San Angelo Civic Theater that money isn't the reason any of us do it," Roberts said.

"Forever Plaid" continues through July 26th. You can purchase tickets online at

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