Sterling County EMS Recovering After Devastating Loss

- As the Sterling County EMS Department mourns the loss of one of their own, emergency response crews came together to escort the body of Raymond Bernard Allison to Ross Funeral Home in Sterling City, TX. Allison, along with the patient and a 2nd passenger were killed early Tuesday morning when the ambulance they were in crashed due to icy conditions. The ambulance, now a total loss, needs to be replaced along with thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

"Well the city has backed us up a hundred percent, but it's all Sterling County. So all the commissioners the county judge...they know it was a terrible accident and their behind us a hundred percent," Sterling County Sheriff and EMS Coordinator Tim Sanders said.

Once with two ambulances the Sterling County EMS was reduced to one making it more difficult to respond to emergencies with increased traffic due to the oil boom. The San Antonio Fire Department came to the rescue by loaning Sterling County an ambulance to use until the county and EMS department on what they will do to replace the ambulance lost in the crash.

"We didn't even call the San Antonio Fire Department. They learned about the tragedy that we had and they took it upon thereselves to help us. Ive already been in contact with the state and their gonna issue an emergency permit for us to use the ambulance once it's fully stocked to state specifications. With all the people who have given to the EMS and this community it's greatly appreciated," Sanders said.

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