Sports Challenge: Home Run Derby 09/25/13


By: Marcus Officer

For this week's sports challenge, I was at Foster Field going up against an Angelo State baseball legend in a home run derby.

As the Major League Baseball season winds down, the KLST Sports team thought it would be fitting to have a home run derby sports challenge.

I had the pleasure of going head to head with former Angelo State ram, former San Angelo Colt, and current ASU assistant baseball coach John Anderson. Anderson played two seasons in the Chicago White Sox organization in 2007 and 2008, so the odds were not in my favor.

The rules were simple, hit as many home runs as you can before reaching your ten-out limit. Because I represented the visiting team I was first up to the plate. With ASU head baseball coach Kevin Brooks on the mound I took my first hack and drove it down the left field line but hooked the ball foul. Out number one.

My second and third swings it was the same story as the first but on my fourth swing I was able to take the ball deep to the gap in left center field but did not have enough juice as the ball hit the very top of the wall just a foot short from going over.

With four outs I was finally able to drive a ball into fair territory and was on the board with one home run. I could only muster one more home run and finished my round with a total of two home runs.

Next up was John Anderson. As a left handed hitter, Anderson was at a slight disadvantage because of the dimensions of the field but he did let that stop him as he drove the first four pitches deep into the gap in right center field but they were just short of being home runs.

But his time finally came and on his fifth swing when Anderson blasted a shot over the right field fence. He was now only behind by one home run.

He then had five outs to hit two home runs but the wall in right would deny him of catching me and like Yoenis Cespedes, the 2013 MLB home run derby winner, I flipped my bat and walked away the winner of this week's sports challenge.

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