Spieker runs for fifth term

- This election coverage is one of the few where the race will end in March because there are not any Democratic candidates.

Dianna Spieker is running for a fifth term as Tom Green County Treasurer. Spieker said she's worked for the county for almost three decades.

"I started with the county as a data entry clerk back in 1988. I'm working on my 26th year of county employment," stated Spieker.

She views this next election as a test and hopes to see constituents think of the job she's done so far.

"The way I'm looking at this next election-because I'm running for my fifth term-is that it is my performance evaluation," continued Spieker.

Her focus remains on saving taxpayer dollars, which is why she said she has taken on an additional role.

"I'm now the indigent health care director. I'm the first treasurer in the state of Texas that was doing that job," Spieker said.

Something else Spieker is proud of is the increased partnerships with local hospitals.

"I'm not going to say on that sense we're saving money because the statures stipulate how much you have to allocate, but we've structured those dollars to be able to serve more constituents," finished Spieker.

Although she has accomplished much in four terms, Spieker's to do list remains busy.

"There's still some things on the list that need to be done," Spieker continued.

Spieker's proudest accomplishments include her staff, or her team as she calls them, and the way other counties look to Tom Green County as an example.

"Other counties come here and see what we're doing," declared Spieker.

One remaining core that will get finished this 2014 year concerns unclaimed property.

"I couldn't tell you how many pairs of sunglasses, reader glasses, that kinds of things have been turned over to me because it's county-found property," finished Spieker.

In the remaining weeks before the election-win or lose- Spieker plans to keep putting her best foot forward and working her hardest to save taxpayers' monies.

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