Some gas pumps temp shut down

- There is not a gasoline shortage; but, some pumps have been temporarily shut down at some San Angelo gas stations over the past several days.

"You know, driving around town, I see some of the stations that are out of gas; but, I've never had any trouble here at this one," stated resident Wayne Doucet.

At some gas stations throughout town, some pumps have been shut down. A manager at one of the stores told us it is because of a change in the company fuel truck schedule.

The locally owned Pic-N-Pac gas stations have not been affected. Owner Laurie Robinson said they have a good relationship with their distributor.

"We're nonbranded; so, we can buy from who we want to buy from and, like I said, we have a distributer who takes pretty good care of us," stated Robinson. "That distributer makes sure we get our fuel."

Robinson said her store is not feeling the strain.

"Well, back in the 80's there was an oil boom. So, we're used to the oil booms; but, we also know they come and go quick," explained Robinson.

Where gas stations buy fuel directly impacts how quickly stores can restock.

"I think it depends on where you're getting your fuel from. Whether it be San Angelo, Odessa, Midland, Abilene, San Antonio, wherever," Robinson said. "It depends on what the weather's doing in that city as to whether the trucks are running or not."

As demand for fuel continues to increase, Robinson said the coming months could be tough providing fuel and anticipates gas prices could get as high as $3.60.

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