Skinner runs for SMD 5

- We are hearing from the second canidate in the Single Member District 5 race Wednesday, Phil Skinner.
Local business owner Philip Skinner runs Best Texas Tees and Signs. He is running for city council after living in San Angelo for decades.

"I'm not a politician. I'm a small business guy. I think it would bring a different persepective to the city council," stated Skinner.

Skinner's three goals are fixing the city's lack of water, bringing more businesses to the city, and fixing the roads.

"This is West Texas and, since there's been people here, we've had water issues<" Skinner said. "I'd like the old timers - the kids who are kids now - to look back and say, 'do you remember when we had water issues' and nobody can remember because we fixed 'em."

He said offering residents incentives could be the key in reusing water.

"I think maybe incentives for zero-scaped yards is a good idea. Maybe incentives for using gray water, the washing machine water to water(ing) trees and grass," continued Skinner.

He said incentives could bring more industry to San Angelo.

"I think I'd find best practices from other cities. Brownwood's not on an interstate. It doesn't really have.... it's got a lake there... they're like we are, their lake is drying up. But, they have two plants there... and I'd like to know how they got them there. What incentives did they offer to get them there," finished Skinner.

Skinner said he is all about local businesses and he wants voters to remember he is interested in innovative ideas that will solve the water problem, improve the economy, and fix the roads.

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