Sewer Line Leak Affects Dozens

A sewer leak has nearly 80 families distraught wondering if they'll have places to live. Residents of the Stardust Mobile Home Community were told they may need to temporarily vacate their homes until the problem is resolved.

For two years, Monica Wilkins, has resided at Stardust Mobile Park, but a sewage leak may force her and 78 other units to temporarily vacate their homes.

"I really don't know what to do, it's a really bad situation," Wilkins said.

Wilkins says, she and her five children don't have anywhere to go and can't afford to move out.

"They're going to have to drag me out of my house, because I have kids and like I said I don't have anywhere to go," Wilkins said.

Residential Manager, Kimberly Clute, says Park Owners and the city have been aware of the sewer line problem on Bryant Boulevard since April; plans to repair the problem were approved last week.

"The reason why it hasn't been sped up is because everyone knows of the oil boom here in San Angelo. The contractors are very very booked out. Most of their jobs are booked out about six months," Clute said.

Assistant City Manager, Rick Weise, says the sewage leak is a public health hazard. Property owners have until Monday to make necessary repairs.

"If the problem hasn't been solved at that point, by the property owners, then the city will proceed with legal action to move forward with getting the problem fixed and that could possibly mean water services are interrupted there," Weise said.

Thursday afternoon, residents received a notice to vacate their homes in a week, but Sally Morales says her family plans to stay put.

"We don't have the funds to just move out. We would just basically be out on the streets," Morales said.

If water service is interrupted, the entire park will be affected.

"I was shocked. We work hard to have what we have and it's not much, but it's ours. It's a home," Morales said.

The city says water will stay on through the weekend, they'll meet with property owners on Monday with an update. They say if the owners have not resolved the issue by then, water will have to be shut off which could result in legal action against the property owners.

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