Severe Weather Insurance Impacts

- This week's latest round of severe weather is a reminder to always to prepared.  From flash flooding to hail damage, keeping track of your insurance claims is just one small part.

"Flash floods are the number one weather killer in the united states."

One of the most common severe weather threats in the Concho Valley is flash flooding; and the deadliest.  Even in our current drought, all you need is a good thunderstorm to drop a decent amount of rain.

"You know what happens when you go into the store and its rained 2 inches of rain all the low water crossings are flooded out."

As water levels rise, Warning and Coordination Meteorologist, Hector Guerrero says it's important to know where you live, have a way out if necessary and head all flash flood warnings from the national weather service.

"Here in Texas we lead the nation in flash flood fatalities and why because most people try to navigate through those low water crossings and that's where they drown."

So what if San Angelo and the Concho Valley see one of these storms?  If your vehicle is flooded out insurance agents say damages may be covered by your auto policy.  But if your house is flooded, that is not covered by traditional homeowner's insurance.

"That is covered under a separate flood policy that is basically insured by the federal emergency management agency or FEMA."

Whether its strong winds, hail, or flooding, State Farm agent Greg Bratcher says know what your insurance policies cover before the storm hits. 

So what about after the storm?  You can see more about severe weather and property insurance on our "Concho Valley Homepage Severe Weather Special" Thursday evening.

The half hour special will air right after our six o'clock newscast at 6:30 on KLST and KSAN.

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