Safety campaign visits Wall

- Whether by climbing the truck, peering into the windows, or even opening the doors, students at Wall High School saw the value firsthand of wearing a seat belt.

"It saves your life," stated student Hannah Kasik.

As a part of the click it or ticket campaign, a wrecked truck and audio from two survivors (who lived because they wore a seatbelt) was brought to Wall High School. TXDOT PIO Karen Threlkeld hopes seeing the truck and hearing what happened will save students' lives.

"This was a truck that was wrecked by two teens that were wearing their safety belts and survived and Wall High School was selected out of 3 schools in Texas… 868 entries and we're just so happy they're able to experience this today," explained Threlkeld.

15-year-old Hannah Kasik said she hopes to get her license in 4 days when she turns 16-years-old. She said she now understands why passengers and the driver alike need to wear a seat belt.

"I turn 16 in 4 days. It's kind of like... brought on...where I need to wear my seat belt," Kasik stated.

Hannah said she already wears a seat belt when she drives and makes her 10-year-old sister wear her's.

"When I start driving, she's going to be riding in the backseat. I'm not going to be able to see her. So, what I do is I turn around and I say, 'do you have your seat belt on' and she says, 'no' ," said Kasik. "Sometimes, I will stop the car and make sure she puts it on before I keep driving,"

To Threlkeld, it is all about saving lives.

"If we can save one life by teaching a teen to always buckle up and wear a safety belt when they are in the car... that's what it's all about," finished Threlkeld.

Students were asked to sign pledges promising that they-and whoever rides with them- will never, ever ride without a seat belt.

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