SA churches to celebrate Easter

- We're looking at how two very different churches - one more than 130-years-old and the other over 5-years-old are celebrating this Easter.

For Christians, Easter Sunday holds a special meaning. 4-year-old Lyla Fagan does not quite understand what the resurrection is or what it means yet. Right now, she just knows the day is significant.

"You gotta remember that Easter is really important," Fagan said.

At First Baptist Church, organizers are hosting an Easter egg hunt Saturday for all kids in the community, a sunrise breakfast Sunday at Fairmount Cementary, and special services Sunday.

"We're telling the kids the story of Jesus and the story of the crucifixion and the resurrection-which is always kind of the main point," laughed Pastor Dr. Hassell.

The First Baptist Church is trying to make the resurrection easier for all to understand. The Pastor said that's why the church is using more creative ways in teaching with children.

"They're going to take croissant rolls and, I've never heard of this before, but if you take croissant rolls and put a marshmallow in them.... Once you bake them, the marshmallow is gone. It's a symbolic way that kids can understand Jesus rising from the tomb," continued Hassell.

Another church, Celebration Church, will be celebrating Easter at a different pace. At this church, there isn't a dress code and attendees worship inside the Tinseltown Cinemark Movie Theater.

"We're a portable church. We don't have a church building. So, therefore we have to lease our space and we're occupied Sunday morning," stated Pastor Brandon Clark.

For the first time, Celebration Church will be hosting two services this Sunday to fulfill, what their pastor said, will be a great need.

"People are going to choose one Sunday a year to go to church and it's Easter Sunday... As well it should be, it's the greatest day in history," Clark said.

Clark said he hopes attendees remember Christ died for the world.

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