SA celebrates National Cowboy Day

- Created a decade ago, National Cowboy Day is celebrated across the American West. Saturday, beginning at eight this morning, locally children and adults alike stepped into the past and saw what the American West was like.

From a delicious, hearty breakfast of eggs, sausage, biscuits, hash browns and gravy... all cooked over an open fire to a skit performed by the award-winning Concho Cowboy Company.... National Cowboy Day at Fort Concho is certainly something to behold.

Dozens attended the event.

"Lot of times they have not seen this and they have not seen it up close and they do not know what anything is. They are looking at it and, but it's so big, you know and... they don't even recognize a spatula," said Head Cook, Dorothy Douthit. "But, they like that and they like the big wheels on the wagon and the chuckbox and the fire... who doesn't like the smell of smoke?"

Attendees could also visit the the American Plains Artists Show for free in the nearby quartermaster gallery.

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