Residents Still Dealing with Weather Damage

Area Residents continue to deal with the aftermath of the severe weather that passed through the Concho Valley, more than a month and a half ago. Better Business Bureau Representatives say several pending repairs have overwhelmed insurance companies and contractors alike.

"We have never went through nothing like this," Delphine Kennon said.

Brite-Mara Resident, Delphine Kennon, is compelled to move out of her apartment, a place she's called home for more than two decades.

"It just smelled like mildew. The rugs were stinking and everything," Kennon said.

On June 11th, two small tornado's, hail, and very strong winds passed through Tom Green County, causing extensive damage in some areas.

At the Brite-Mara Apartment Complex, on the north side of San Angelo, the roof remains covered with only a tarp.

Assistant Manager, George Maxey, says water leaks into units when it rains.

"Ceilings were coming out of apartments inside, because the water was coming down through the tarp through the roof down into people's ceilings. It washed out ceilings, it washed out wall boards, it just made a total mess," Maxey said.

Better Business Bureau of San Angelo CEO, Glenna Friedrich, says the process to repair the roof can take several months.

"It could take awhile and while we all want immediate satisfaction and immediate repairs we just may not be able to get it," Friedrich said.

Friedrich says, tenants need to remain involved in the situation.

Maxey says, the owners have hired a contractor to repair the roof, pending a settlement from the insurance company.
"We're just sitting here waiting and waiting. All we can do is wait on the insurance company to send out the check," Maxey said.

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